Dr.Jas Kohli (interview)

Author Interview

   Dr. Jas Kohli practicing plastic surgeon. He is a multi-faceted personality. His interests include bird-watching, astronomy, music and writing. Dr. Kohli aims at furthering the doctor-patient bond through his writings. ‘Anything To Look Hot’ is his debut novel. The book in part, reflects Dr. Jas’s own story.


Here’s the interview of Dr. Jas Kohli…

1). When and how  did you come to find the writer inside you?

I used to write poems and articles in the school magazine. However, after getting admission in medical college, the weighty medical books pushed my literary activities to the background. It was only after getting well established in my profession that I thought about writing a piece of medical fiction

2).After completing your manuscript, what difficulties did you face in getting it published?

Like most debut writers I faced a number of rejections. Sometimes I felt like I had reached a dead end. However, I kept on revising the manuscript and finally it caught attention of a renowned publisher, Srishti.

3). How has your book changed your life?

Although I was already well known in my area as a doctor, being an author has given me a lot of recognition in India as well as abroad. I have also got to meet many interesting personalities.

4). Do you wish to continue writing books? If yes, of which type?

For now I want to stick to medical fiction.

5). What did you expect from your book ” anything to look hot” ?

Through this book I wanted to entertain as well as educate the readers. I am glad that it has been well received.

6). What is the message for your readers.

Do read ‘Anything to Look Hot’ ,if you want a peep into the world of plastic surgery.


6). From your thinking, what makes a writer better?

Like any art, apart from the natural talent, practice also matters. One should also make an effort to read more.

7). You are a Doctor, so, is it difficult to manage your work and your passion at same time?

After finishing my work, I devote one or two hours every night to reading and writing. Therefore it has taken me longer to finish my novel as compared to many other writers

8). If a film is going to shoot on the script of your book, 
So, which Bollywood star would match the best as a character?

It will take a bold director to adapt the manuscript for a movie since the book gives out many secrets of the movie stars. I think that a bespectacled Shahrukh Khan would be best for the role of Dr Dhruv.

9). What do you advice to newcomer writers?

Develop your own distinctive style, just like your signature. If the theme is fresh, it will make it easier for your work to stand out.

10). What was your main motive to write your book?

To create a better understanding between the doctors and the patients

Thanks Sir,
You can visit Dr. Jas Kohli website at – http://jaskohli.com

You can buy his book ” anything to look hot” form amazon.in and your nearest stark mark mall.
You’ll enjoy reading it.


★Thanksgiving for reading this.★

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